Web3 Day 152 : Web3 needs more Form Factor Innovations to go mainstream


Did you know that there are 90 and 100 million technology professionals globally?

The total number of professionals working specifically in Web3 technologies will likely be 50,000 to 100,000. Source [Comptia]

Should we not bring the immediate 100 million tech professionals to Web3 as users of various products rather than waiting for late adopters?

Why is that not happening? My thesis: Form Factor Innovation is a key driver for any new tech innovation to go mainstream.

In Web3, we have had several Form Factor Innovations in the last 24 months, and new products will soon attract billions of users!

Let me explain what I mean by Form Factor Innovation and provide examples.

*Form Factor*

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You can read the full post on Foundership’s Blog. I wrote this on the official blog: https://blog.foundershiphq.com/web3-needs-more-form-factor-innovations-to-go-mainstream-clwyltz3b003r5fpeww66kw7i/