Visa La Vida


What’s Visa up to?

Visa has unveiled a new web3 loyalty platform designed for brands to create custom-branded crypto wallets.

What can the platform do?

The platform offers immersive experiences like gamified rewards, augmented reality treasure hunts, and novel ways to utilize loyalty points. It introduces digital collectibles as a core feature, allowing customers to earn, redeem, and collect these assets, interact with them in augmented reality, and use them in various interactive forms. 🥽

Who’s the platform for?

The platform is aimed at brands looking to evolve their loyalty rewards programs, offering a bridge between web2 and web3 innovations.

What’s in it for everyday users?

Consumers can harness the seamless digital and real-world experiences to receive engagement-based rewards from the value exchange between brands and consumers in a mobile payments-first world.

Long live web3 with Visa-powered loyalty.